Soupapes de sureté

•High blow-off capacity in comparison to valve size

•Universal valve for many applications up to DN 400 / 16" or 300 bar / 4350 psig

•Proven thousands of times

•Outstanding value for the price

•Simple and robust construction

•Single trim (identical internal parts for steam/gas/liquid) allows economical maintenance

•Large selection of options for different operating conditions

•Quick delivery (2 - 4 weeks from the factory or next day from local warehouse)

•Can be equipped with additional supplementary loading system or bursting discs

•Pilot Operated Safety Valve

•Piping between the pilot and main valves is integrated into the cover to prevent damage and freezing

•Integrated Backflow Preventer as standard part

•Four week delivery time from the factory

•Simple and robust construction

•Higher capacity than comparable size with extra orifices

•20% less installation space than competitors' comparable models

•Supplementary Loading System

•Higher operating pressures are possible

•Closing pressure difference of up to -3 %; opening process is independent of back pressure

•Functional test and valve adjustment possible during operation

•Overpressure tolerance at a minimum of 1% with Pop Actio

Arrêts de flamme

Arrête-flammes KITO® et des soupapes KITO® pour la surpression, la dépression pour le stockage et le transport de liquides, de gaz et de vapeurs inflammables


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